Invest in Leisure

You have a chance to become an owner of a limited amount of luxury villas and become a preferred member of Schuchmann family and get incredible yeald of investment. Schuchmann Wine Luxury Villas directly connected to the territory of Schuchmann Wines Château & SPA is a fantastic investment opportunity in leisure! Exclusive villas, designed in a luxury village style with full outdoor and indoor infrastructure and management possibility from Schuchmann group is a perfect chance to gain high yield from a highly demanded tourist destination of Kakheti! 

Villas are constructed in a protected territory of 5 hectares where they will be mainly surrounded by vineyards. A beautiful view on the Caucasus mountains and Alazani valley opens from the villas. Here you will find an ecologically clean, moderately humid subtropical climate, a hot summer and a moderately cold winter. Average annual temperature is 12°С, absolute maximum is 39°С, annual precipitations equal to 700-800 mm. 

A comfortable private garden will be laid out around each villa on a territory of 600-800 m2, with decorative plants and vineyards. This territory will be closed for Schuchmann hotel guests. Facilities will include a swimming pool, tennis ground and walking routes. Villa guests will have access to all services of Schuchmann Wines Hotel, Château & SPA. 



Georgian vineyards, in the garden of your property (600 m2)

Own, exclusively produced and labeled Georgian wine with shipment service

Georgian restaurant (all dishes made from bio products)

Outdoor and indoor swimming pool

Tennis ground

Mini golf



Housekeeping service

Concierge service

Wine boutique

Play area

Children ground


Maintenance service

Security 24/7



Exclusive and Luxury Villas Exclusive and Luxury Villas

Price includes construction, refurbishment, furniture, bathroom setup, and a garden of 600-800 m2.  

Each villas are constructed with an architecture and interior design characteristics typically for Kakheti region, including some modern elements. Construction materials both for interior and exterior includes elements of limited exclusive Georgian natural authentic materials, such as river stone, Georgian brick, wood, etc. Plain furniture design is specifically developed for this project and will not have analogues or be repeated. Main material in the interior will be Georgian wood, ancient brick which dates back from 19 century and it creates ideal comfort and is marked with highest exclusiveness.  

Our management team, which has several years experience in hotel management, will take care of management and maintenance of your property and getting high annual income.